Demo: No-Title

This is a post, which has no title.

Typically, we can locate this file by URL with default hexo settings.

permalink: :year/:month/:day/:title/

e.g. URL is as follows:


It shows the full path of this post _post/demo/hexo/

Trouble in hexo-abbrlink

hexo-abbrlink is a great plugin for hexo users. I setup hexo-abbrlink in my post.

In this case, url becomes


God, I want to locate this post and add a title. But, how can I locate my error-post?


It would be better if hexo-abbrlink log the post with no title. Give me a warning.

with hexo-auto-category

In this post, you may notice that the category is demo, hexo.
Actually, the full path of this post is _post/demo/hexo/ It really helps.

hexo-auto-category binds folder structure to category. It is also a good way to locate your post.


hexo-abbrlink and hexo-auto-category